Why Custom Communications?
In Print. Online. On the Go.


  • 78% feel that custom publications show a company’s interest in building good relationships with consumers.

  • 74% prefer receiving information about a company through custom publications.

  • 65% say that companies that provide information about their products in custom magazines help them to make better purchase decisions.

  • 55% say that they are more apt to buy another product from a company that has provided them with a custom publication.

  • 61% feel that when reading custom publications it makes them feel better about the company that provided it.

“Custom media marries the marketing ambitions of a company with the information needs of its
target audience. This occurs through the delivery of editorial content – via print, Internet, and other media – so intrinsically valuable that it moves the recipients behavior in a desired direction.”

- Custom Content Council (CCC)


“Print Is Not Dead: 3 Reasons To Create A Custom Publication” by Anne Taulane

“A magazine can become a tangible expression of [your] digital platform. …All brands stand to benefit from a print product—with quality edit, an enterprise can establish itself as a leader in its field and one that can offer a true service to its audience using a medium that’s been around for hundreds of years.”

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Print Magazines: Have We Come Full-Circle?



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